Get Me to the Church on Time
Brides-to-be and bridal party will camp here to laugh, cry, and prepare for the next day/evening wedding.  All the rooms must be booked.  Dinner will be catered by caterers of either the bride-to-be or the house.  Prices will vary depending upon the caterer and menu.

The Three Bs -- Bed, Breakfast, and the B
Dine one night at the nearby b restaurant.  Just across the street from the inn, the b is a popular bistro that has been named "one of the fifty (50) best restaurants" in Baltimore by the Baltimore Magazine.  Guest will have a choice of appetizers, entree, and dessert.

Winetasting Package I
Guests interested in learning about wines can visit one of several wine stores in the area to get a sampling of wines.  There is no added cost for the samples.  Dinner is on the guests.

Winetasting Package II
Guests interested in learning more about wines will visit local wine stores having wine tastings.  The cost of the tastings range from $25 to $75.  H'or d'eouvres are provided at the tastings.

Guest Chefs Weekends 
Guests will have dinner prepared by guests chefs.  Prices vary depending upon the chef and the menu.  Menus and prices will be provided in advance to allow guests to determine whether they wish to attend the dinner.

PR Chef Weekends
Guests of the Phoenix Risin' will prepare dinner for the other guests.  Menus and prices will be provided in advance by the chefs to allow guests to determine whether they wish to attend.

Mystery Dinner Weekends
The price of the dinner will be provided in advance, but not the menu.  This is only for the culinary adventurous. 

Mixologists Weekend
Guests who want to wow other guests with their mixology skills are invited to do so.  Mixed drinks both with or without alcohol will be tasted all weekend.  H'or d'eouvres will be provided.
Guests will vote on the best alcohol and nonalcoholic and best over-all drinks.  Prizes will be awarded to the winners.

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